Different Kinds of Kayak Rental in Naples, FL

Kayaks you can rent tend to come in a few varieties. There are single kayaks and double kayaks. Some models also come with pedals. Pedals allow you to engage your feet to keep the kayak moving forward. Pedaling your kayak is great for someone who has upper body issues, or who wants to engage their entire body throughout the activity. The different kayak rental options depend on your price considerations as well as your physical ability.

Price Considerations

Determining which kayak to rental depends on how much money you want to spend on a kayak rental in Naples, FL. If you are only one person, a single kayak is an obvious choice. It will typically be much less expensive than a double kayak as well. However, if there are two people, you have to do some math. A single kayak is usually not 50% of the price of a double kayak; therefore, you’ll save some money with a double kayak over a single model.

At Extreme Family Fun Spot, for example, a single kayak is about 60% of the price of a double kayak. So you would save a little bit of money choosing a double kayak instead of two singles. You also have to consider the price for a kayak with pedals. Pedals will cost you a little more money as well.

Physical Ability

If you are not sure you want to do all of the paddlings by yourself, you can choose a double kayak rental. A double kayak will allow you to share the rowing duties. Furthermore, pedals will also make it much easier to move your kayak through the water. You will be able to divide up the stress of moving the kayak between your arms and legs, which will also help you move faster if that is a consideration.

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