Different uses for area Rugs

There are many uses for area rugs. Charlotte residents are very acquainted with the use of different mats and rugs. The purpose of a rug is to provide a sense of comfort or character to your home. There are all types of styles and shapes to select from each one adding a different element that may enhance your decor. When deciding on your area rug, Charlotte North Carolina has some of the biggest selections. If you cannot find what you are looking for then you can always order from a department store or online. Each rug has its own characteristics and performs in different capacities.

Wool Rugs

There is nothing like a soft, warm hand woven or hand tufted wool area rug. Charlotte’s collection features modern, neutral, traditional, and artistic graphic designs. Depending on the room and the feel you want from its environment, picking a wool rug can be very enriching to your home experience. The upkeep is minimal at best. Wool is naturally stained and resistant to damages. Thanks to natural oils that prevent dirt from adhering to the yarn, you will be living a long life with your area rug. Charlotte residents prefer a durable fiber that springs back to life so this is an excellent choice.


There are four types of construction for your wool area rug. Charlotte stores have a large arrangement of rug pads recommended for use. If you are using your area rug over carpet a multi- purpose pad may be recommended. In a technique that has been created generations ago, yarn is wrapped and then knotted around each thread. Each piece of yarn is then is hand cut and tamped to a tightly constructed pile. This is a technique that requires attention to detail to create a specialized area rug. Charlotte North Carolina even have people that specialize in this technique.

With a variety of looks and textures, from luxurious shag rugs to versatile cotton area rugs, Charlotte has a large selection of hand loomed rugs. With a combination of colors and thicknesses you can create a contemporary environment with tradition designs.

By using a tufting tool, yarn can be passed through a frame and then stretched in to a pattern to create your area rug. Charlotte North Carolina has amazing artisans that can cut and loop piles of wool or yarn to create beautiful tapestries. These works of art can be specialized to your preference for a more personalized appeal. Finally an efficient machine can loom a variety of textures at a less value called a power-loomed area rug. Charlotte residents that are looking for a more affordable rug will most likely choose this option. However even though it does not create a personal touch, they are useable high traffic rugs that are great for entertainment rooms.

There are many uses for the quality area rug, and there many options to choose from. Whether you choose style or construction, you can easily say you will find the right rug to give your room character.

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