Discount Carpet

When people think about discount carpet Chicago the first thing that may come to mind is cheap.  This is not necessarily the case.  There are several reasons carpet is discounted.  The carpet manufacturers will sometimes produce promotional carpet which they sell to carpet dealers to see how a new color or style will sell.  After the manufacturers are done with the promotional carpet they will sell it at a much discounted price.  You could end up with the latest cutting edge style or color without the cutting edge price.

You may also find discount carpet Chicago from manufacturer overruns.  This happens when a manufacturer miscalculates the popularity of a particular carpet or if someone makes a large special order then cancels the order.  In these cases the manufacturer will want to sell this carpet as quickly as possible giving you the opportunity to purchase some otherwise expensive carpet at a very reasonable price.

Another thing to watch for when shopping for discount carpet Chicago is seconds.  This is carpeting that has some minor flaws that prevent it from being sold as first quality.  The flaws can be that the color is off; if the carpet has a pattern, the pattern was skewed during manufacturing; there may be a slight line in the carpet which you may be able to cut around.  All of these cosmetic flaws can mean big savings for you.  The off color you can’t do much about unless you want to dye the carpet yourself, but the other flaws you may be able to work around and no one will ever know it was flawed.

Closeout carpet is another good way to get a great price on carpeting.  The problem you may run into with this is that there won’t be enough of the carpet you want to complete the project you want.  If you are creative you may be able to figure out a way to use different colors of the same carpet to complete a room.  If there is a large enough piece for the middle of the room you want to carpet, you might be able to find enough of another color to do the edges.  This would give your room a very high end unique look.  If you need a little inspiration try watching a few of the many home improvement shows that are currently on television.  The room makeovers they do on a limited budget may spark a brilliant idea that you have not considered before.

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