Divorce Lawyers in Bee Cave, TX Prevent Disputes From Escalating Between Couples

Jan knew that her marriage was over. However, she did not realize that divorce, at least in Texas, was lengthy, if not complicated, process. You just can’t file for divorce in Texas and end a marriage speedily. You need to contact an attorney.

Don’t Try to Go it Alone

Divorce lawyers in Bee Cave, TX suggest that litigants work with them to put the past behind and move forward with their lives. For Jan, filing for divorce was emotional. Therefore, she was glad she could count on an objective party to help her get through the process. She could not have done it alone.

According to divorce lawyers, a divorce is not finalized for at least 60 days after the filing of a petition. However, that number is not set in stone. It may take up to one year to finalize a divorce, depending on the issues involved with the case.

Community Property

Divorce lawyers also note that Texas is not a state that recognizes legal separation. Therefore, even if you live separately from your spouse, the marriage property is community property. Plus, all the obligations the both of you owe is considered community debt. As a result, you are considered married until the divorce is final. Make sure you know this when filing, so you don’t get hit with any surprises.

Also, Texas is a no-fault divorce state. That means a spouse who files for divorce does not have to show proof of wrongdoing on the part of the other party. However, that does not mean a judge will not consider fault when dividing the marital belongings.

Where to Obtain Help Online

As you can see, a divorce in Texas in not exactly cut-and-dried. You need to obtain help from a firm online, such as Margaglione Law, PLLC. Check the site today to find out more about divorce services if you need to submit a filing.

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