Do It Yourself Gutter Installation in Bremerton WA – A Sad Story

There once was a man named Fred in Northeast Washington, and he had a gutter problem. They were leaking badly, and he decided to save some money and do his own gutter installation in Bremerton WA. Although it is possible to replace your gutters if you know what you are doing, most people know very little about this kind of project. You can learn from Fred (even though it is a fictional story) and hopefully avoid the most common pitfalls of tackling a do it yourself gutter job.

When a Positive Attitude Gets in the Way

Fred was sure he could do a good job with his gutter installation in Bremerton WA. After all, he had a positive attitude which served him well on the job. But Fred did not count on what would happen after he got up on his ladder.

Fall from Grace

Fred laid the ladder against the house and climbed up to check out the gutters. Then he grabbed his tape measure so he could measure the lengths and widths. As he stretched out the tape, the ladder began to wobble, and before long it (and Fred) was on the ground.

When Fred tried to get up, he felt a sharp pain in his left ankle. It was obviously severely strained or broken, and he had to yell out for someone to come to his aid. Eventually, Fred ended up in the emergency room and could not work for six weeks.

A Better Solution

Instead of tackling a job beyond his expertise, Fred should have called his local gutter services about gutter installation in Bremerton WA. He would have a got a great price on the lifetime warranted seamless gutters. And when you figure the money he lost from being off work, he would have been ahead financially with a professional installation.

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