Do You Need a New Roof in Loveland Colorado?

How old is your roof? Do you know for sure, or are you playing it safe with a modest estimate? The truth is roof damage is often overlooked, though it occurs more frequently than not.

If you’re a homeowner you likely have a good idea when the roof was replaced, hopefully. On average, a good roof job can last 25-30 years. Depending on the surrounding conditions of your home, however, the roof could be subject to more wear, which would affect this estimate.

One of the most apparent indicators there may be a roofing problem are water stains or discoloration in the ceiling. After harsh weather, like hail, heavy rain, or snow, your roof may be displaying early signs of something serious, so it’s best to pay attention.

It is a good idea to reach out to an experienced roofing company to have someone take a closer look. What may not be visible to the untrained eye can be better detected by a professional. Best to err on the side of caution and not take any chances.

Typically, during the assessment, the roofing company can gauge roughly how long the damage has been present. If it’s more recent — say, affected by a recent storm — it’s likely insurance can cover the repair or replacement.

If your home was recently exposed to severe weather, you might want to take advantage of having your roof checked. Coverage is a short window, and the insurance company can claim ineligibility if the matter is put off for too long.

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