Do You Need a New Tooth Crown in Marion, IA?

When people speak of tooth crowns, they are referring to dental caps. Therefore, a tooth crown in Marion, IA is a restoration that covers the whole tooth, and the prosthesis is used for both cosmetic and dental reasons. While most people know that crowns are used in dental care, they do not realize some of the benefits.

When Crowns Are Used with Implants

A tooth crown is often used to minimize discomfort; for example, the restoration is often associated with periodontal disease treatment. If implants are recommended for missing teeth, a crown is affixed to the implant. Teeth may become loose and fall out as the result of gum disease; therefore, an implant and crown can be used to fill in the gaps. You can find out further details by contacting Premier Dental in Cedar Rapids about the use of dental crowns with implants.

A Straightforward Procedure

Some patients shy away from having a tooth crown placed because they believe the procedure is complex and takes a lot of time. Instead, placing a crown is minimally invasive and is essentially straightforward. It only takes two appointments to create and place the dental restoration.

Schedule a Consultation

If you have questions about crowns or other dental restorations, call at (319) 294-2323 and request an appointment and consultation. Sometimes the best way to determine what restoration is right for you is simply to go in and talk to a family dentist nearby. When you receive all the details about placing a crown, you will feel more confident about the entire process.

Making the Best Decision

If you wish to improve and preserve your smile, a tooth crown can assist you in achieving your goals. Again, it is better to schedule an appointment at a dental office close to you to see if this restoration is the best choice to make.

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