Do You Need a Tooth Implant in Panama City Beach, FL?

Going to the dentist sends shivers down the spines of some people, but in reality, sitting in the dentist’s chair is sometimes a necessity. The lives of some people are practically ruined by certain oral health conditions, and these can be a cause of social anxiety, awkwardness, and even depression. Isn’t going to see a dentist the better option?

Improving the Way You Feel about Yourself

The fact is that a dentist can really change one’s life. Just imagine a situation where someone has for years had missing teeth. Their teeth may be missing as a result of an accident, a youthful sporting accident, a blow, or poor oral health. These missing teeth can result in everything from mild embarrassment to depression.

In this situation, it is a good idea to investigate the option of either a tooth implant or tooth crowns in Panama City, FL. Both dental solutions promise to repair both the mental and physical damage resulting from those missing teeth. But which solution is better?

Crowns or Implants?

Dentists offer a range of general and cosmetic dentistry services, but when it comes to replacing lost teeth you may be wondering which one is better: a tooth implant in Panama City Beach, FL, or tooth crowns?

Crowns are certainly the less expensive option, but they are known not to last as long. Still, for a modest investment, crowns represent a good option for many people. A filler is used to build up the spot where the tooth once was, and then a good quality crown is produced that will fit over the top. This crown looks just like a real tooth, and will last for some years with good care.

However, a tooth implant is certainly longer-lasting and more durable than a crown, although it is a bigger investment. A titanium bolt is screwed into the jawbone, onto which a realistic and durable tooth is then fixed. These implants will often last for many years, and with good care they can last for a lifetime.

If you or someone you know suffers from anxiety and depression due to having missing teeth, going to the dentist is the first step to take in fixing your smile!

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