Do You Need an Experienced Endodontist, Speak to One in Chicago

There are lots of different aspects of dental health. You have general dentistry, which deals with taking care of your teeth by having routine checkups and cleanings. Then you have cosmetic dentistry and orthodontists, which refer to dentistry that’s done to correct misalignment or discoloring of the teeth. Last, but not least, you could visit an endodontist. Many people aren’t aware of exactly what goes on in endodontics, so here are some facts about this field of dentistry.

Area of Expertise

Endodontists deal with treating the pulp and surrounding tissues of a tooth. The pulp is the most sensitive part of your tooth; it’s located on the very inside  and is a collection of blood vessels that keep the tooth healthy and standing. If this pulp gets infected (usually due to cracks, chips, and decay found in the tooth) it causes a great amount of pain that’s sore to the touch. Luckily, endodontists are specifically trained in managing this pain through treatment of the pulp and surrounding areas.


The most pressing issue when it comes to dealing with your teeth is oftentimes the cost of the procedure. The specific price of any endodontic surgery or process depends on how severe the issue is, but it’s generally known to cost a lot less than having to get dental implants or dentures down the line because of delay in receiving treatment. Your routine dentist can tell you if they believe it’s time for you to see a professional in the endodontics area. They can also recommend different practices in Chicago for your convenience.

If you’re suffering from non-stop toothaches and pain, it’s time to visit an endodontist for relief. Contact Dental Specialists of South Loop and North Shore in Chicago at

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