Do You Need to Find a Hearing Aid Center in Lawrence Kansas?

Lots of people suffer from hearing loss to greater or lesser degrees. Some people are born with partial deafness while many others develop hearing loss as they get older either due to injuries, from accidents, or simply as a result of natural aging factors. While many people do not need to wear hearing aids or have enough hearing that they can live a normal life without them, others need the support of a professional hearing aid center.

What Type of Hearing Aid Should You Get?

Though there are a number of models on the market, there are basically two major types of hearing aid: behind the ear, and inside the ear. Behind-the-ear units are what most of us are used to seeing. The main amplifier unit, electronics, and battery pack sit behind the ear and are encased in a kidney-shaped plastic shell. In-the-ear models have become more sophisticated in recent years and are often referred to as invisible hearing aids. The unit itself sits inside the ear canal so that it is mostly out of sight.

Determining the type of hearing aid that you need will rest largely on the budget, personal choice, and the professional advice of a hearing aid center in Lawrence Kansas. For many people, it comes down to a question of aesthetics. The so-called invisible hearing aid models are certainly good for those wishing to blend in socially, but they also are generally more expensive to invest in. Behind-the-ear models are plentiful, feature mature technology, and can also be more affordable.

Taking the Right Advice

If you need a hearing aid and you have any questions or doubts as to what type of model you need, it is always the best idea to speak to a professional audiologist at your local hearing aid center in Lawrence Kansas. Check out for more details.

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