Does Going to the Dentist Scare You?

Dental anxiety is fairly common, and a savvy, caring dentist will go to great lengths to put patients at ease. The recognition that dental anxiety is not literally fear of the dentist, but rather fear of the dental experience, has opened the doorway for dentists to explore new ways to work with patients in a collaborative partnership to overcome their fears. When patients have some input and degree of control, it helps to reduce anxiety so that fear of dental care doesn’t inhibit necessary exams and treatments. Finding a dentist in Spring who practices gentle dentistry will greatly enhance the long-term health of your teeth by ensuring you receive preventive care and prompt treatment so that minor troubles don’t become major troubles. Finding such a practitioner is also helpful when introducing kids to dental treatment early in their lives, setting the tone for an expectation of an easy experience.

Healthy teeth and a healthy mouth contribute to better overall physical health. Likewise, poor dental health can lead to problems throughout the entire body. Infected teeth and gums can, in fact, have a large impact on overall health. Although rare, an abscess could potentially lead to an infection causing death. Since dental health is such a critical component of maintaining health, it’s imperative to find ways for people to overcome fear of the dentist. Today’s dentists are more aware than ever that dental anxiety is a real and significant problem for the majority of their patients. Since dentists are aware that the patient is afraid of the anticipated painful experience of dental work, they better understand how to address the fear and partner with the patient to find resolution.

Dentists in Spring are pursuing efforts aimed at using less medication and sedation and more reliance on teaching and reassuring the patient that dental work and pain do not have to go hand in hand. Using methods that distract and focus the patient’s attention away from the dental work being performed helps alleviate fear and anxiety. Television shows, DVD movies, radio, guided imagery, and other tools are now becoming normal fixtures within dental exam rooms. Dentists have begun to place immense focus on making their offices a friendly, welcoming place for patients and to make sure that the patient’s experience is pain-free.

The goal of dentists who practice gentle dentistry is to ensure that patients have a pleasant, pain-free experience so that they will freely seek regular dental care in the future and not allow problems to worsen needlessly. If a lifelong fear of the dentist has kept you from taking the very best care of your dental health, contact a dentist in Spring who practices gentle dentistry. The right dentist and dental staff can revise your way of thinking about dentistry.

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