Does Your Transmission Need Attention? Know the Signs!

You don’t think about your car’s transmission until something seems to be wrong. At the first sign of trouble, the smart move is to call an expert in transmission repair in Chicago and get to the bottom of the issue. Here are a few signs that your transmission needs some attention now.

Delayed Engagement

Has the transmission started hesitating when you shift into reverse or drive? Does it seem to hesitate before slipping into the passing gear on the highway? Delayed engagement will only get worse if something isn’t done. A simple transmission repair in Chicago may be all it takes to ensure the transmission responds properly again.

Slipping Out of Gear

You’re driving along and the transmission slips out of gear without warning. Along with being dangerous, this could also mean the transmission is about to fail. Having a professional find out why the slipping occurs will help you know if a repair will work or if you need a new transmission.

The Warning Light Comes On

It’s true that a warning light could be due to a faulty sensor. That light could also mean there’s a problem capable of leaving you stuck on the side of the road during rush hour traffic. The thing is you don’t know if that’s the problem or if there is really something wrong with the transmission. Take the car to an expert and have it checked. A minor transmission repair in Chicago may be all it takes to resolve the issue.

If your transmission is doing anything out of the ordinary, now is the time to call the team at Trans-O-Mex Transmission. Visit website to book an appointment today. Your quick action could end up saving you a lot of money in costly repairs or maybe even a full transmission replacement.

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