Donating School Books in India: What to Know

by | Apr 10, 2023 | Charitable Trust

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Start donating school books to help students in need. By providing them with the resources they need, you make it possible for them to learn and succeed. But before you send a book donation, here are things to consider.

Start with School Books

Many students in India don’t have access to quality education. Donating school books is one way to fill in that lack. Many schools, especially in rural areas, need better access to educational materials. That, along with a lack of infrastructure and poverty, makes learning difficult for the students. If you want to help, donate school books in India.

Assess the Books

Consider the condition of the books. It’s not enough to send books. If they’re damaged or in poor condition, that won’t do the kids any good. Are they missing any pages? Are they torn? Will they be helpful to the students? Slight wear is all right, but if the damage is more than that, toss those out of the boxes you’ll send.

Select Relevant Books

If you send school books to a charity focused on helping children, choose books relevant to the students. Take a moment to ask about their curriculum. What subjects or courses are they learning in school? What programs does the charity offer? Coordinate with them, so you’ll know what books hit the mark.

Choose the Language

There are many languages spoken in India. You’ll need to factor that into your decision when choosing which books to donate. If you’re unsure, work with the charity. Ask them which books in what languages are most needed.

Look at Age and Grade Level

Are the books age-appropriate? If you know the age of the kids the charity supports through its program, you know which books will suit them. Consider that before shopping for your book donation.