Don’t Let Family Therapy Misconceptions Prevent Getting Help

Many families find themselves in stressful life situations and can feel like they’re drowning in a daily miasma of stress, worry and an array of problems that seem to have no solution.

And yet, thousands of people routinely resist the idea of seeking professional help from a licensed family therapist. It’s usually the result of broad misconceptions about what this kind of service is all about.

The first, most common misconception is that therapy is an endless process that entails months or even years of visits to the office of a psychologist. People envision endless sessions of “talk therapy” where gains are made inch-by-inch over long periods. But this is simply not the way modern family therapy near Minneapolis works.

In fact, within the psychological profession, family therapy near Minneapolis has almost always been considered “brief therapy.” The average number of sessions to resolve issues with children is just seven visits.

Another point of resistance parents express is the fear a therapist will “blame them” for everything that is dysfunctional in their family. Again, nothing could be further from the truth. Seasoned professionals like to talk about the concept of “joining.” This refers to the approach that a therapist will listen to and respect every point of view from every family member.

It is important to get beyond surface preconceptions. Many people seeking help readily take the first step of searching on “family issues” if they’re looking for help with a family problem in that area, for example. But the process tends to bog down then and there as common misconceptions create fears and prevent people from going further.

If you take the search beyond “family issues” you can discover deeper information about what therapy is really like, how effective it is and how little time it takes to resolve even the most daunting problems with which all families struggle.

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