Doors To Consider Having Installed On Your Home During Your Remodel

There is a lot to consider when hiring a contractor for new doors installation in Naperville IL. You want to think about your space, total cost and type of doors before diving into this project. Here are several doors to consider having installed in your home during your remodel.

Paneled Door

A paneled door is common in many homes, and it is made of wood or glass. The panels on a wooden door may be made of plywood, timber or hard board, and a glass panel door is made of a strong glass to ensure it lasts for years. You can also invest in standard doors that are made of both glass and wood to get the best of both worlds.

Glass Door

A glass door is made of glass panels and a wooden frame. It is perfect for letting in the natural light or enjoying the view. You can opt for a standard door with a door knob, or you can opt for a sliding glass door to the yard, deck or balcony. If you are worried about your privacy, place the doors at the back of your house and invest in curtains or blinds.

Hinged Door

If you are looking for an option for your passage doors, a hinged door is always a good choice. One side of the door is installed on hinges, allowing you to swing the other side back and forth. The door may not have knobs because it it is made to swing to and from the room. You can benefit from a hinged door if you need to enter another room with your hands are full.

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