Dry Type Transformers: Great Fit for Certain Situations

It would be very difficult to fully explain the concept of an electrical transformer in a short period of time. It might be best to provide the most basic description of what this component does in an electrical system. In simple terms, a transformer does what its name implies – it transforms energy from one circuit to another by mutual induction. This process involves a current change in a nearby circuit.  To perform this crucial function, the component must be designed and built in a very specific way.

Transformers are designed and manufactured in a variety of ways, depending on the particular system and need. Dry type transformers are widely known as reliable without the need for constant maintenance. This component does not contain a coolant liquid such as oil or a fire-resistant liquid. The key to keeping this kind of transformer cool is the use of insulation that works in high-temperature environments.

Key Benefit

One of the outstanding features of dry type transformers is that they do not need a catch basin, nor do they need to vent possibly toxic gases. For this reason, the dry type can be used indoors, closer to the power load. Efficiency and consistency are the results. With all this in mind, it is wise to work with a supplier who understands this technology and can help you make the best use of it.

Replacing a transformer has often been a challenging task, but the dry type transformer reduces the stress of the situation by allowing installation in locations where another type might not be suitable. In buildings such as schools, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities, this component will perform without harming the environment or putting people and property at risk. Contact a professional for assistance with your electrical equipment needs.

Dry type transformers require minimum maintenance to provide many years of reliable trouble-free service. Bruce electric is a leading dry type transformer supplier. For more details call 631-546-7006.

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