Durable Modern Garage Doors in Manitoba

A garage door serves an important purpose for your home and family. A garage door protects your home from the outside as a primary access point, as you and your family may use it multiple times a day to get in and out of the house. In the colder months, a garage door should also help keep the heat in as the last barrier to the outside weather.

Outdated garage doors will cause excessive heat loss, increasing your utility bills. Modern garage doors in Manitoba serve to protect you, your family, and your wallet.

Fiberglass Garage Doors

Modern Garage Doors In Manitoba are made with high-quality materials. Fiberglass garage doors have re-emerged on the market with a modern style. They mimic wooden doors, with the added benefits of being lightweight and resistant to the elements. Wooden garage doors are extremely heavy and break down due to wind, rain, and salt exposure. Fiberglass is resistant to salt corrosion and is nearly maintenance-free.

Steel and Aluminum Garage Doors

Modern steel and aluminum are the most popular types of garage doors. Steel and aluminum garage doors vary in price. Wooden doors require more maintenance, while steel and aluminum require more insulation. This increased insulation results in lower heating costs.

Websites such as titanoverheaddoor.ca offer a variety of modern steel and aluminum garage doors. These garage doors can be painted or stained for a wooden appearance, or to match the color of your home.

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