Earwigs Treatment in Kailua-Kona: Keeping the Nuisances at Bay

Nearly a million insect and arachnid species have been discovered on Earth; no doubt, more are out there waiting to be unearthed. Some are known for their painful bites and venomous dispositions while others are notorious for their destructive capabilities. Earwigs don’t fall into either of those categories. They don’t make a mess of people’s homes and aren’t particularly dangerous. Still, that doesn’t mean they make good housemates. Earwigs Treatment Kailua-Kona may be needed if you find them in your home.

Taking a Closer Look at Earwigs

Generally brown or black in color and around a quarter of an inch long, earwigs have small, flat bodies much like silverfish. They’re equipped with pincers on the rear ends of their bodies. While these little forceps may look a bit menacing and sting quite a bit when used, they don’t deliver venom. They’re merely means of self-defense. Earwigs also have wings although they rarely use them.

Where Do Earwigs Live?

In their typical outdoor environment, earwigs tend to hide away in cool, dark, damp places. When things get too hot or dry outside, though, they begin to look elsewhere for comfort and often find it in people’s homes. Basements make nice places for them to set up household, especially those with old books, boxes and clothing lying around. These insects are also drawn to the moisture and readily available food supplies found in kitchens.

Keeping Earwigs at Bay

Since earwigs are attracted to darkness and moisture, mulch makes for a good home for them. From there, they’ll find ways into human homes. Consider keeping mulch at a minimum around your home’s foundation or restrict its depth to two inches or less. Keep foods in tightly sealed containers and don’t leave pet food out at night. Have leaky pipes repaired promptly and be sure rainwater is flowing away from the house as it should. If an invasion is already in progress, add Earwigs Treatment Kailua-Kona to the mix as well.

Earwigs aren’t deadly and don’t carry potentially dangerous diseases. They won’t destroy homes or chew through wiring and duct work. They don’t shred clothing and other belongings to make nests for themselves. Still, having them crawling around in the kitchen or making their way into your cereal and crackers isn’t particularly appealing. If you’re sharing your home with earwigs, Contact Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC to schedule a pest control session. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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