Effective Kansas City Security Guard Companies

Business owners in Kansas City now have to consider the many kinds of violence that can erupt on their premises. Even businesses that are not open to the public have to worry about discharged employees returning with guns. Wives, who have restraining orders on their husbands, may become targets in the parking lot. Companies with lots of cash on hand, such as banks, are seeing increased robberies during these hard economic times. Unfortunately, the regional malls in and around Kansas City have known for years they might be soft targets for terrorists. Most of these types of companies have turned to Security Guard Companies Kansas City to protect their property, employees, and customers.

Finding the right Security Guard Companies in Kansas means first examining who founded it and operates it. Many of the best were started by policemen and SWAT team members. They know their guards must be well-trained and well paid to be ready to protect the companies they stand guard over. They also must be well-screened. A responsible security company does a thorough background check on each guard. Guards must also pass and continue to pass mandatory drug tests. The police officers in charge of the company ensure that their employees are well schooled in defensive tactics, firearms, policy and procedure, and often live-saving CPR. They also have to be willing to attend training sessions every three months. These sessions are designed to respond to new threats and situations such as active shooters in a shopping mall.

Deterrence is certainly the major role played by guards from Security Guard Companies Kansas City. Simple crimes and disturbances are often prevented by an active and engaged security patrol. But a security guard needs to interact successfully with the company they protect. Therefore a good security company provides training for corporate managers regarding workplace violence, women’s safety, and employee termination. When managers have taken these courses, they are also able to help prevent dangerous situations from arising. They know when to prepare for a meeting by asking the security guard to be immediately available for assistance. Safety is a joint responsibility of all parties.

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