Effective Toothache Treatment In Wood Dale

If you wake-up with a toothache, then you should visit a dentist in Wood Dale, Ill. You might think that applying a store-bought gel on your gums is a great way to cope with a toothache, but when the pain reliever wears off, the problem will be worse. A toothache is a sign that there is inflammation in your gums, and the bacteria that are causing the swelling will continue to flourish. A dentist will see what is causing the pain in your tooth or gums to determine what type of treatment is necessary. You might have a large cavity, or it is possible that you have periodontal disease instead.

Root Canals

Mild cases of gum disease are treatable with oral antibiotics along with rinsing the bacteria from the gums or teeth. However, if a tooth’s root is infected, then you will likely need a root canal. For this procedure, a dentist in Wood Dale will sedate you to remove the top of your tooth. After the top of the tooth is removed, the interior portions are removed, including the pulp that contains blood vessels and nerves. Next, the dentist pulls out the roots of the tooth. A durable substance is injected into the shell of the tooth to protect it from damage.

After the tooth is repaired, you will also need a customized dental crown to cover the tooth. Today, most crowns are made from color-matching composites to match the color of the surrounding teeth. With the proper care, a dental crown will last for many years, providing an attractive smile and strong bite.

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