Electrical Contractors in Wichita Kansas are an Invaluable Part of the Renovation Team

by | Jan 6, 2016 | Electronics and Electrical

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If a homeowner is contemplating a renovation or an addition, they shouldn’t underestimate the importance of thorough planning-;especially when upgrading an electrical system. During renovations, a home’s electrical system may need upgrades, to stay up to code and handle the higher load given by new appliances and extra rooms. Here, homeowners will learn what they should consider before a project starts.

Remodeling Type

  • Homeowners should know the differences between remodeling types: additions, conversions, upgrades and renovations. Knowing the difference can help the homeowner decide which electrical changes to implement.
  • Renovations normally refer to small jobs such as window replacements or interior painting. Electrical changes aren’t usually required, but as the daily routine is interrupted, a homeowner can take the time to have electrical safety features installed.
  • Upgrades are additions or changes that improve a home’s functionality. For instance, an added kitchen island can add storage and counter space in one of the home’s most frequently used rooms. Here,
  • Electrical contractors in Wichita Kansas
  • can install extra plugs, or move existing outlets.
  • Conversions change the usage of a part of the home. Common examples are conversions of garages, basements,and attics into the office or living spaces. In these cases, a homeowner may need significant electrical work done, especially if the space isn’t physically attached to the home.
  • Room additions involve the extension of a home’s exterior by adding to the foundation or building a bump-out. As in conversions, significant electrical changes are likely to be required.


To keep occupants safe, Electrical contractors will install GFCIs in bathrooms, garages, kitchens and outdoor spaces. It’s also advisable to install GFCIs anywhere water and electricity may meet. Tamper-proof electrical outlets can protect young children against shocks.

An electrician will do the job without cutting corners, which will allow homeowners to make future claims against an insurance policy, and it will make it easier to sell the house should the need arise. Homeowners should hire a licensed electrical contractor, and that the contractor pulls the necessary permits.

The cost of electrical work during a renovation or remodel can vary depending on the project and upon the scope of the work to be done. It’s best for homeowners to get competitive quotes from several hire professional electrical contractors in Wichita Kansas, and to find out whether pricing is by the item, by the square foot, or by the hour.

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