Electronic Vapor Cigarettes: They’re Life Changing

Electronic vapor cigarettes are the new frontier on the “quit smoking” horizon. No longer will you have to walk around reeking of stale tobacco smoke. The possibilities of enjoying e-cigarettes are virtually limitless — you can enjoy a traditional tobacco flavor one day and a fruity essence the next.

Not only are they a better-smelling way to scratch your nicotine itch, it’s much more economical than buying traditional cigarettes. Think about it: an electronic vapor cigarette is reusable, whereas a traditional tobacco cigarette is destined for the trash bin after just a few puffs. You can also save money by establishing an online source for e-cigarette supplies like batteries, battery chargers and nicotine juice. Aside from saving money, you save yourself the time and gas it takes to drive to the store continually to purchase tobacco cigarettes.

Huge Selection of Flavors

At Mount Baker Vapor, we aspire to be your reliable source for anything e-cigarette-related. We stock a huge selection of nicotine juice in flavors that range from candy-sweet to minty-fresh to delightfully spicy. We even offer a customizable option for those who want to try their hand at creating their own flavors. The possibilities here are virtually limitless!

Why keep running outside to wave away smoke in the bitter cold of winter or the scorching heat of summer? You could be just as comfortable and doubly satisfied enjoying the delicious flavor of an electronic vapor cigarette indoors. Plus, you wouldn’t even have to worry about noxious, offensive clouds stinking up your clothing and the environment around you.

You Are Not Alone

You’ll find a well-established, large community of e-cigarette users once you make the switch, many of who are eager to share their experiences. Check out our discussion forums at forums.mtbakervapor.com (you can also find a link on our main web site, mtbakervapor.com) and you’ll learn what to expect when making this lifestyle change.

So get ready for your “smoke breaks” to be anything but a 10-minute study in banality while you wait for your tobacco cigarette to burn down to the filter and the smoke to clear. You’ll be discussing flavors and products with your smoking buddies. If they haven’t made the switch to electronic vapor cigarettes, we feel confident they will when they see how much enjoyment you’re getting out of them.

So if you’ve been thinking about ditching tobacco cigarettes, think no more.

Now is the time and you can find everything you need to get started at Mount Baker Vapor. We’re here for you and we’ll support your healthful choice in any way we can with our electronic vapor cigarettes!

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