Eliminate Stains

Your teeth can begin to look dingy as part of the natural aging process. Despite brushing and flossing, the enamel on your teeth will develop stains from beverages and foods. If you have bad habits such as smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco, then your teeth will look terrible. While you can find whitening products at local stores, the chemicals aren’t strong enough to lift deep stains, and also, the trays won’t fit your teeth properly. This can lead to having some areas of your teeth that are whitened thoroughly while other areas aren’t whitened at all. Teeth whitening dentists in Chicago will eliminate stains with a stronger solution.

Whitening Your Teeth Is a Fast and Easy Process

Before the whitening process begins, you need an examination to determine if your teeth and gums are healthy. Our dentist will protect your dental restorations and gum tissues before applying a strong hydrogen peroxide solution to your teeth. When water is squirted into your mouth, a bubbling reaction will begin, lifting the ugly stains from your dental enamel. This process can take a few minutes, and when the chemical reaction stops, you will rinse your mouth completely to remove the hydrogen peroxide solution.

Care for Your Whitened Teeth

Teeth whitening dentists in Chicago recommend using certain techniques to enjoy a brighter smile for a longer amount of time. You should avoid eating foods such as spaghetti sauce or beverages such as coffee to keep your teeth as white as possible. In addition to brushing and flossing, you can use an oral irrigator to remove food and beverage debris. Stop chewing tobacco along with giving up your smoking habit to keep your teeth whiter. To learn more about having healthy and white teeth, contact Chicago Dental Arts with our website.

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