Emergency Dentist Long Island – What Qualifies as a Dental Emergency

Not many people can imagine what a dental emergency would be. However, there are several cases that require immediate attention by an emergency dentist Long Island.

One common occurrence is oral swelling. This is often caused by an infection in the mouth to the gums or teeth. There are two causes for infection of teeth. The first is a deep cavity. This may not be seen from the surface of the tooth and may only manifest itself as an infection around the base of the tooth resulting in swelling. The second cause for infection of teeth by bacteria is trauma to the tooth. Bacteria may infect blood vessels and nerves and cause swelling.

People often ignore tooth infections. This only leads to a more serious condition. The infection spreads to other tissues and kills the tissues. The result is an abscess formed by the accumulation of puss in the infected area. The abscess spreads to the surrounding jawbone, as the tooth is too hard for it to expand in. The swelling then spreads to the gum, cheek, and later can spread to the throat where it can become fatal.

An emergency dentist Long Island has several options to approach swellings caused by infections to teeth. They may decide to perform a root canal, which involves the removal of the infected nerves and blood vessels from within the tooth leaving only the hard outer covering of the tooth. The second approach, which is more common, is the extraction of the tooth. Although more people opt for tooth extraction than root canal, it is advisable to save the tooth than have it removed.

Some infectious swellings are hard to the touch. In such cases, the emergency dentist may opt to drain the fluid from the swollen area. You may get an antibiotic prescription to help ensure that there is no further infection following the procedure.

An infection to the gum is often caused by the formation of plaque. This is a thin film of bacteria that forms continually along the surface of the tooth, gums, and between the teeth. The film results when food debris is trapped in the gum and around the teeth. A gum infection occurs mostly in people who already have a preexisting gum disease, as the debris is not easily cleaned out during regular brushing of teeth.

Gum infections are treated by cleaning around the base of the teeth to ensure that all debris is removed. An emergency dentist Long Island may opt to extract the teeth in the infected area if they are loose. Antibiotics are often prescribed to deal with any residual infection. Oral swellings can be fatal and require immediate attention by an emergency dentist.

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