Enjoy Independent Living Longer

No one wants to lose their independence, but as one ages, taking care of a big house can become a burden. The independent living program in Wilmington, NC has available allows senior citizens to enjoy their independence for as long as possible. They do this by offering services and amenities that help keep life manageable.

Your Own Space

These independent programs have villas, duplex buildings, and apartments available for seniors looking to downsize and make life easier. All maintenance and lawn care is done for the residents in order to alleviate some of the burden typically associated with independence. These homes are spacious and beautifully decorated.

Lovely Surroundings

Residents have beautiful gardens and landscaped areas to enjoy, whether that would be sitting on a bench or taking a casual stroll around the grounds. There are also perks like an onsite salon that is ready to pamper you. You can even relax by the swimming pool, or enjoy a workout in the fitness center.

Available Services

Flexible dining options are offered to all residents, and weekly housekeeping helps with chores that need to be done. Transportation is available to take you to the grocery store, doctor appointments, and other necessary destinations. An onsite security staff and emergency response system provide peace of mind.

If you or a loved one are finding it hard to manage living alone, consider the independent living program in Wilmington, NC has to offer. Visit Plantation Village at plantationvillagerc.com to learn more about this wonderful way of life.

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