Enrolled Agents Vs Certified Public Accountants in San Antonio TX

If you are looking for an Enrolled Agent or a CPA in San Antonio TX, then you will want to research to learn what each one can offer you as it is best to know which one will supply the services you need the most. While both are tax agents, CPAs and Enrolled Agents have different capabilities that will be able to offer you and benefit your financial situation with. They are both extremely helpful with giving the best tax advice to companies with any kind of tax issues and they are also helpful with any type of IRS issues you might be having.

The CPA’s and the Enrolled Agents alike are extremely qualified in tax accounting which means they will be a great asset but in a long-term relationship many people and companies may want to lean towards the services of the CPA. Most companies will need the services of a tax professional for several years, so picking someone for the long term is important as you want someone that is familiar with prior year filings and tax situations. This is where the Certfied Public Accountants in San Antonio TX comes in. Having a dependable, reliable and experienced one at your fingertips is just what an established and new business both need for the long-term best outlook with tax liability.

Although not as popular as CPAs, enrolled agents have been around a long time. Enrolled agents are licensed by the Department of Treasury. They offer services such as preparing tax forms and returns, giving assistance and advice on IRS audits and notices, helping with tax relief planning by negotiating on your behalf with the IRS. Many are also able to help and advise with payroll tax issues, information about releasing wage garnishments, tax levies and liens, and much more financial topics. They are able to provide tax advice to individuals and families as well as helping corporations, estates and trusts.

CPAs are usually involved with self-employed or small business owners and their tax issues. They are much more experienced with the business side of it and very familiar with financial statements, ledgers, receipts and write offs. CPAs are usually more costly then Enrolled Agents but this is because they will try and cover all of your needs without you having to go elsewhere. This choice can end up saving many who choose the CPA in San Antonio TX a lot of money, additional thousands of dollars. This includes a lot of companies. They are more likely to help in tax planning as a whole and they are able to provide excellent advice on stock options, investments, estate planning and more comprehensive topics like these.

Hiring a CPA in San Antonio TX is vital to prevent any problems with all things related to taxes if you are a business owner. If you already have problems that you need tax advice or help with a CPA in San Antonio TX is a highly trained and experienced professional who will be able to help with your specific needs.

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