Epoxy Powder Coating – Features and Benefits

by | Nov 4, 2016 | Business Services

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Powder coatings with epoxy are a very popular form of coating that provides a range of benefits. These coatings are used heavily in industrial settings to protect equipment and machinery from corrosive degradation. Whether the outside forces are weather-related or come from the industrial processes themselves, epoxy powder coating meets the challenges offered by these corrosive elements and provides superior protection.

Manufacturing and industrial processing companies used this powder coating to mitigate and prevent such corrosive consequences as cracking, rust, chips and blisters – all of which can significantly degrade equipment and machine parts.

Features of Epoxy Powder Coating
Through the polymerization of a resin and hardener with a catalyst, a curing process occurs which results in the creation of an epoxy having excellent chemical and temperature resistances as well as high mechanical properties. Expoxies can be created in a customized fashion with the properties desired for any specific application. Modifications can be made to add greater thermal conductivity resistance, thermal insulation capability or higher electrical resistance.

Benefits Provided by Epoxy Powder Coatings
These coatings are durable and touch. They last a long time and include excellent resistance to abrasion and impact. They also have excellent hardness. Often they perform better than liquid coatings. A major benefit provided by epoxy powder coating is the increase in production and efficiency delivered in manufacturing processes.

The process by which epoxy powder coating is made helps ensure that its color and appearance is consistent throughout. Sometimes this coating is used where aesthetics and/or décor are important. The even appearance of objects is maintained due to the nature of how the coating is produced.

Some of the particular applications for this powder coating include metal coating required in thin and heavy builds, water valves and waste treatment. It offers an affordable option for manufacturers and other entities to acquire the necessary corrosion protection they need for their equipment processes.

It is important for machinery and equipment to survive and thrive in the most challenging and corrosive conditions. In order to meet that objective, it is important to utilize the best corrosion resistant technology solutions – all of which can be provided by an experience and reliable industrial coatings company.