Essential Information to Know Before Hiring Professional Air Conditioning Repair and Services

An air conditioner helps to keep indoor temperatures at a bearable level during the hot season. An AC unit consists of a number of individual components that must be in a good working condition for the entire system to function at its peak. By scheduling routine AC inspection and maintenance services, one can save money on emergency repairs and enjoy greater comfort.

If an air conditioning system has malfunctioned, it is important to hire professional Air Conditioning Repair and Services. Proficient air conditioning contractors at Bowen Refrigeration Heating & Cooling have an adequate understanding of how an AC system works. They can help one to identify specific issues with their device and ensure they are fixed correctly. Here are some tips on how to troubleshoot issues with an AC unit before hiring a certified air conditioning technician.

Air Conditioner is Noisy

If and AC unit is noisy, first check the fan blades to see if they are broken or dirty. The fan blades are located inside the AC cabinet. Replace broken fan blades and clean them if dirty. Examine the coil fins to see if they are clogged. If clogged, use a brush and vacuum cleaner to clean the components. Check to see if there are loose nuts, and tighten them if need be. If the noise continues, contact a certified AC technician for assistance.

Air Conditioner is Not Cold Enough

If an AC unit does not cool, check to see if the condenser coil or air filter is dirty. Dirty condenser coils reduces the unit’s ability to dissipate heat that is removed from the indoor air. Similarly, dirty air filters reduce the unit’s cooling capacity. Clean dirty condenser coils and air filters to remedy the problem. Check if the thermistor and run capacitor are working properly, and if the problem persists, contact an AC contractor for assistance.

AC Unit Coils Freezing

If an air conditioner’s coils are freezing, first check if the air filters are dirty and clean them accordingly. Examine the unit for a sealed system leak. If this is the case, contact an AC technician for further help.

With a good understanding of the above AC troubleshooting tips, one can save money on air conditioner repair. For more information about professional Air Conditioning Repair and Services.


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