Essential supplies of wood chips in Portland OR for every garden needs

Providing garden supplies is a big industry in the Pacific Northwest. Many supplies are locally sourced and there are large quantities to be sold and distributed. Soil, sod, pavers, rock, gravel and compost are just a few locally sourced garden supplies wood chips in Portland OR are high-quality and diverse.

Sod and grass seed

There are countless types of grass to be used for residential purposes throughout the United States for different climates. In the Pacific Northwest the climate is high in moisture most of the year making it easy to nurture new sod and grass. RTF (Rhizomatous Tall Fescue) sod is specifically designed for the Pacific Northwest climate and thrives with little effort from the lawn owner. With substantially tough blades of grass it is durable, resilient, and grows efficiently. All this grass requires is 3-5 hours of sunlight a day to promote excellent root health. To repair bare spots and promote grass growth in small areas, grass seed may be a better option as opposed to sod. A 5 pound bag will usually cover 900 square feet and comes in 3 varieties in the Portland area. 3 way rye blend is best for areas with considerable sun exposure. Rye Fescue Blend is meant to be used in shady areas. RTF requires little maintenance and by far the way to go for the deluxe lawn of your dreams.

Soil and topsoil

Topsoil is the first several inches of the ground (hence the name). Quality top soil provides much needed nutrients to the hosting plant life and should consist of loam, clay, sand and decomposing organic matter. In the Portland area, even though the moisture level is high, it can be difficult to get anything to grow because the dirt is so hard and tough. The soil here really is only conducive to weed growth, so in order to create the quality landscape of you prefer, buying or creating nutritious soil is a must.

Miscellaneous gardening supplies

Any quality landscape supply depot will not only provide the customer with the materials, but also the tools and accessories required to complete the job. Weed fabric, pond liners and spikes are accessories that are often needed during landscaping. Fertilizer is a must when planting flowers, trees, shrubs, and sod, and should be carried by all gardening supply retailers. Mulch, peat moss, gravel, rocks, and sand are other necessary materials usually provided by retailers of wood chips in Portland Oregon Area. No matter what your project, contact Red Bark Inc to supply and direct you to all of your needed landscaping materials.

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