Essential Tips for Texas moving and Storage

Moving can be extremely overwhelming especially when considering the option for the first time. There are always a million and one things to do within a limited timeframe. Often, most people end up damaging items, losing important things or even spending double the estimated amount. To maintain your sanity and remain worry-free throughout the Texas moving and storage process, you need to be one step ahead. This can be achieved by making a moving list and prioritizing.

* Preparations: The first step in moving and storage is always preparations. You will need to sort your items and determine which items need disposal and which ones you cannot do without. Additionally, you will need to get the right moving boxes. Restrain from using the open-top boxes. You should also tape the moving boxes and label them accordingly. It is the lack of a clear label that leads to most damages in moving and storage. You should also take off the light bulbs when packing lampshades. The fragile items should be wrapped in linens and their boxes marked as Fragile.

* 1 or 2 weeks before moving: To avoid chances of leaving items behind, you need to start packing your things in good time. Packing should start one to two weeks before the moving day. Make sure you pack the unimportant items first and label their boxes. You should also reserve the elevator in advance so as to avoid delays on the moving day.

* One week to moving: A week before moving, you need to pack other items that you do not use on a daily basis. The cleaning supplies and hand tools should be packed last since you use them almost on a daily basis. In preparations for Texas moving and storage, you will need to remove the fuel from the motorized tools, remove the propane tank as well as charcoal from the barbeque. You should also remove the blinds and curtains and pack them in well labeled boxes.

* D-day: On the moving day, you need to get up early so as to avoid inconveniencing the moving and storage Company. Pack the remaining items and move all the boxes to the corridor or to the center of the room. Check around and see if you are leaving anything behind. If you have frozen foods, you should leave the freezer on as long as possible. A freezer will retain the frozen foods for about 24 to 48 hours after being unplugged.

The aforementioned steps will help elude chances of leaving anything behind or straining yourself on the last day. To avoid problems with the moving company, you need to contact the firm weeks or months before your moving day. You should also confirm their availability one to two days before the last day.

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