Everything You Need To Know About Going To College in Madison, Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is one of our nation’s best schools. Any student who is accepted into this prestigious institution should be incredibly proud of themselves, as the admissions process is extremely competitive.

If you’ve been accepted to UW-Madison, you might be wondering what your new life in Madison will be like. To help you anticipate what living in “the badger state” will be like, here’s everything you need to know about going to college in Madison, Wisconsin.

Don’t Expect Cows and Farms

Wisconsin is known for its farmlands and its bustling dairy industry. However, don’t expect cows and red barns in Madison. While you’ll definitely experience those things if you stray a bit outside of town, Madison is actually extremely cosmopolitan. The town is full of chic boutiques, pricey restaurants and sophisticated art galleries.

You Won’t Be The Only Outsider

Unlike other towns in Wisconsin, Madison is populated mostly by non-natives, which means most of the people you’ll meet in Madison campus apartments weren’t born in the state of Wisconsin. You’ll meet people from all over the country and from all over the world. Madison is a wonderfully diverse city.

Get Ready To Party

While you should definitely be focused on your academics, be sure to occasionally let your hair down and cut loose as a UW-Madison student. The town is known for its amazing parties and nightlife. Partying on State Street is a right of passage for UW-Madison students, especially on the night of the city’s notoriously outrageous Halloween party.

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