Everything You Should Know About Automotive Airbags (And Then Some)

We’ve all seen signs on our car doors, dashboard, and steering wheel: we’re talking about airbags. Though they’re an integral part of every modern automobile, most of us know little about them. Here, you’ll learn a few important facts about airbags.

When They Go Off, It May Hurt

Any collision that causes the airbags to inflate will likely be painful. If the pain isn’t due to loud noise, a jerking seat belt, or broken glass, it may be because of a rapidly inflating airbag. Your car’s airbags are there to keep you from hitting the dashboard, door, window, or steering wheel. However, the force of hitting an airbag may cause broken bones and abrasions.

If the Airbags Deploy, Your Vehicle May be Totaled

This depends on the nature of the auto body repair in North Hollywood, the value of the vehicle, and the extent of your coverage. If the collision was forceful enough to inflate the airbags, it has probably caused serious damage. Replacing or repairing the airbags and dashboard may cost several thousand dollars, which may exceed the value of your car.

Airbags Smell Smoky, But There May Be No Fire

Small explosive charges are used to inflate airbags quickly. They might leave the smell of smoke in the air, but that does not mean the car is ablaze. If you are in an accident, the time immediately after may be disorienting. Take a minute to collect your thoughts, and if the car is on fire, work on getting out.

Your Car Should Be Inspected After an Accident

Replacing or fixing your car’s airbags and other safety features is a difficult job, and your safety is at stake. Whether or not your airbags were deployed, always have your car inspected by a shop that specializes in auto body repair in North Hollywood.

Your airbags are a hidden but incredibly important component of your car. Shouldn’t you know more about them so you can take care of them? Visit website to learn more, or call Schiro’s Collision to schedule service.

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