Expand Your Home in Creative Ways with These Home-Addition Ideas

If you are planning to expand your home, it is best to settle on an idea before hiring a company that offers home remodeling in Hinsdale. The sky is the limit when you add a room to your home, and you can start expanding your home with these home-addition ideas.

Guest Bedroom

Do you have family members who often visit for several days? A guest bedroom is a comfortable alternative to a couch or hotel. You can even include a guest bathroom to give them a little privacy. The guest bedroom can be an extension of the first floor, a room built above the garage, or a remodeled pool house.

Home Office

A home office is a great idea if you work from home or attend classes. It gives you a place to work on your projects or assignments without any distractions. Your home office may be an added room on your first floor or a remodeled spare bedroom.

Kitchen Expansion

If you do not feel your kitchen is big enough for cooking and serving meals, you can expand it with an add-on kitchen. The extra space is perfect for adding more counters, a walk-in pantry, or even a breakfast nook. A kitchen expansion also increases the value of your home.

Bathroom Expansion

Are you thinking of expanding a smaller bathroom? Maybe you want to add a new bathroom altogether. A bathroom expansion allows you to add the fixtures you have always wanted, such as a walk-in shower and a stand-alone bathtub. This is also a great time to spring for new counters, light fixtures, and tiles.

When you are ready to start planning your home addition, Design First Builders, LLC at offers the best home remodeling in Hinsdale. Whether you want a guest bedroom or bathroom expansion, they can help turn your dream into a reality.

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