Experienced Industrial Wastewater Treatment Company in Houston TX

by | Jul 22, 2016 | Water Treatment

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A high-capacity Industrial Wastewater Treatment Company Houston TX can help many different types of industries save time and money on proper and responsible water treatment. State of the art equipment, a team of specialists and experts, and highly trained technicians are available to provide services for any contaminated water. Waste water from plastic facilities, soap manufacturing, ink, and paint formulating, and transportation cleaning facilities are just a few examples of industries served. Water can be treated for metal products and machinery, non-ferrous metals, organic chemicals, utility waste, sanitary sewage, contaminated storm water run-off, among other contaminates. Commercial businesses and municipalities are also serviced.

Water is treated by an Industrial Wastewater Treatment Company Houston TX and then travels to the Houston Ship Channel via a private thirteen-mile pipeline. The facility operates 24/7 to handle massive amounts of water before returning it to the public water supply. Consultations are also offered to help industries decide upon the best water treatment for their waste water. Options are based on the levels of contaminants in the waste water, and the needs of the industrial or commercial facility. All stages of treatment comply with all health, safety, and environmental regulations. Outsourcing water treatment can save industrial plants and facilities a lot of time and money.

Stages of water treatment include a primary stage that eliminates suspended and floating solids from the water. Machines, tanks, and some chemicals are used to trap and remove solids. The secondary stage relies on microbes to consume dissolved organic matter still present in the water after the first stage has been completed. Filters and settling tanks are also used. The result of the two stages is that approximately eighty-five percent of all solids and organic matter is removed from the treated water. Disinfection with chlorine may be included as part of this process. A third stage referred to as tertiary treatment, is sometimes used to raise the amount of impurities removed from the water to ninety-nine percent. The water, at this point, is almost of drinking quality. This stage requires advanced equipment and special chemicals. Not all treatment facilities have the capacity to provide tertiary treatment. There are some companies, such as Cahaba Water Recycling & Reclamation LLLP, for example, that can treat wastewater at all three stages.