Expert Tips on Avoiding Catalytic Converter Theft in San Antonio

by | Feb 23, 2024 | Fire and Security

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As a car owner, you are probably already keenly aware of the very real dangers of having the catalytic converter stolen from your car. However, this is not something to get TOO stressed about because there are several solid ways to prevent catalytic converter theft in San Antonio.

How Big of a Target Are You?

The first thing to do is to know if you are a likely target or not. If your vehicle is a model that is very low in emissions, then your risk increases. This is because your converter contains more of the metals that thieves are looking for. Trucks are also a significant target because they are easier than cars to slide under and steal the parts.

Anti-Theft Devices

There is always the option of installing an anti-device on the cover to deter thieves. These devices range from cages or shields crafted from metal that block access to the converter all the way to steel cables attached from the converter to the frame of the car.

Security Cameras

If you own your own home, you can always install surveillance cameras in the vicinity of where you park your car so that if someone is in the process of stealing it, you can actually catch them in the act and alert the authorities.

Paint It

Many people have taken the economical decision to simply paint the converter in a neon color to deter catalytic converter theft in San Antonio. When this is done, it is a signal to the scrapyard that the part has been stolen and to not buy it.

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