Expert Tips on Getting Your Furniture Upholstered in Brooklyn, NY

by | Feb 28, 2024 | Furniture

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If you would like your new furniture upholstered with hand-picked material, you might be wondering exactly how to get such a thing done. In fact, all you really need to do is work directly with upholstery stores near Brooklyn, NY.

Buy Your Furniture
The first thing you need to do if you want your furniture custom upholstered is to actually buy the furniture. Pick out the piece that you want and verify how much yardage of material you will need to have it upholstered to your liking.

Store Confirmation
Confirm with your desired store that they will work with you and that you can have both the piece of furniture as well as the material sent directly to them. This can come in especially handy when the furniture is especially large and you do not have the means to transport it yourself.

Final Review
Once the furniture is received by one of your chosen upholstery stores near Brooklyn, NY, they will make sure that what you are looking for can actually be done and let you know if any changes need to be made. Once everything is finalized, they will begin their work.

Sent to You
Once the store is completed, they will then ship the finished product directly to wherever you need it to go. You’ll then be the proud owner of custom-upholstered furniture that looks great and is professionally done.

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