Exploring How to Manage a Claim for a Personal Injury in Brainerd, MN

In Minnesota, personal injury cases are managed according to the type of claim filed by the victim. Each different type of personal injury claim presents victims with a statute of limitations and specific guidelines. A local attorney assists victims after they sustain a personal injury in Brainerd, MN that was caused by another party.

What Caused the Injury?

The exact cause of the injuries defines the type of personal injury case. For example, if a doctor caused the injuries, the victim files a medical malpractice case. If a product caused their injuries, it is a product liability claim.

Did the Victim Play a Role in the Event?

Comparative fault is a ruling that is used in personal injury cases which indicates that the victim played a role in causing their injuries. For example, a victim of an auto accident was speeding when the accident happened, or a dog attack victim provoked the dog before the attack. Comparative fault rulings lead to lowered awards, or the victim could become disqualified for compensation.

Will Insurance Cover the Victim’s Losses?

In some instances, insurance could provide coverage for the victim’s losses. Auto insurance policies and personal injury protection offer more comprehensive benefits based on the coverage level. In some cases, all medical expenses, property damage, and other financial losses are managed through insurance coverage. The type of personal injury claim defines if insurance was available to the victim.

What Types of Awards Are Possible?

In personal injury claims, awards include economic damages that reflect all financial losses. Non-economic damages are based on common tort-based requirements such as pain and suffering. Punitive damages apply in medical malpractice cases and are used to punish doctors who failed to provide proper care for their patients.

In Minnesota, personal injury cases are filed when another party is negligent. The most common defendants in the cases are doctors, manufacturers, property owners, pet owners, and auto drivers. The cases assist victims in their pursuit to collect compensation for their financial losses. The type of claim defines what guidelines apply to the case. Victims who need help after a personal injury in Brainerd, MN can read more about us now.

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