Exploring the Options for Water Leak Detection in Oklahoma City, OK

Though more than 70 percent of Earth’s surface is covered by water, only about one percent of this essential fluid is safe for drinking and available for human consumption. Even that small supply is reported to be dwindling. To make matters worse, as much as half the freshwater supply in America is being lost through leaking pipes by some accounts. Water Leak Detection in Oklahoma City OK can be crucial to conserving freshwater as well as reducing costs for homeowners and preventing property damage. A few common leak detection methods are currently being used.

Stop, Look and Listen

Some leaks are easy to find if you know what to look for. Check for signs of excess moisture under sinks and around water heaters or toilets. Assess floors and bathroom walls for weak spots, and look in the basement for standing water or stains on walls. Finding random puddles or soggy areas in the yard even though it hasn’t rained recently may be a sign of leaking underground pipes.

Acoustic Equipment

Leaks aren’t always easy to spot because many don’t leave behind any visible signs. In such cases, acoustic leak detection equipment may shed some light on the situation. Available in several variations of both mobile and fixed devices, these tools listen for hissing, whooshing or bubbling sounds traveling along pipes. Louder sounds or stronger signals indicate close proximity to leaks, allowing technicians to pinpoint their origin.

Pressure Detection

Water Leak Detection in Oklahoma City OK can also be carried out by measuring pressure. Different types of pipes are designed to operate under specific amounts of pressure. Technicians can measure the pressure running through various pipes and look for significant drops in those rates. Reduced pressure is a surefire sign of water loss, so pressure gauges and flow meters can help hone in on the sources of leaks.

Some leaks offer up obvious clues, but many aren’t quite so accommodating. For those hidden sources of water loss, numerous types of acoustic and pressure detection devices are available to help find problems and repair them. Click here for further details or to schedule an appointment for help with locating and fixing a suspected water leak. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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