Exploring the Turtle Dove Island

Selecting your destination when vacationing in the Caribbean may be difficult, but the British Virgin Islands offer a wealth of unique areas for viewing, photography and more. Known as the Turtle Dove island in English and called Tortola in Spanish, this island is the largest in the British Virgin Islands and holds a resident population of more than 23,000 people. The largest town on the island is Road Town which houses almost half of the islands entire population and offers tourists a wealth of attractions and cuisine to enjoy during their stay. In order to get the most enjoyment from your vacation accommodations, it’s recommended that you consider a Tortola villa rental instead of a hotel or motel. This provides you with an intimate feel of the real island life, with plenty of privacy for you and your loved one to enjoy a honeymoon or anniversary in the best way possible.

Things to do on the Island

Road Town is home to the expansive three-acre JR O’Neal Botanical Gardens which offer visitors a close up view of thousands of exotic and indigenous plants. They boast a massive collection of orchids in a hot house pavilion and visitors can also enjoy watching tropical birds fly throughout the cage-free aviary. If botanical gardens don’t strike your fancy you can always choose to enjoy the Folk Museum which takes visitors on a pictorial tour of the islands historic architecture. Once you leave the museum, you can take to the streets on foot or by taxi to get a glimpse of many existing historical buildings and churches around today.

Discovering the World Under the Waves

The water around the island is often viewed as one of the best places for snorkelers to get glimpses of brightly colored tropical fish and corals in the entire British Virgin Islands. The warm waters year round host thousands of unique fish, invertebrates and marine mammals. Snorkeling can get you an up close and personal view of the expansive coral reefs that surround the islands, allowing you to watch as small but brightly colored fish and shrimp dart in and out of the gently flowing anemones, sea grasses and more. Charter a boat and venture further from shore with scuba gear to get a chance at seeing migrating whales, hammerhead sharks, dolphins, sea turtles and any number of highly sought after sport fish. These can include wahoo, marlin, sailfish, barracuda, and more.

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