Extraction for Damaged or Diseased Teeth

Dental extraction from Naperville, Ill., dentists might seem scary, but you are anesthetized for the procedure. A proper tooth extraction requires using the correct types of instruments to remove the upper and lower parts of the tooth, including the sensitive roots. After the tooth is pulled from your gums, the socket will bleed, so you will need to use gauze pads in the hole. Your dentist will provide additional directions for caring for the socket and gums so that you can begin to wear a dental bridge or have a dental implant in a few weeks.

You May Require Wisdom Teeth Removal

The primary reason for dental extraction in Naperville is for the removal of wisdom teeth. Modern humans often don’t have enough space in their mouths for the third molars that will erupt from the back of the gum tissue. It is possible to have one or more wisdom teeth in the upper gum tissue or the lower gum tissue. The signs of problems with wisdom teeth include frequent headaches, swollen gum tissue and a foul taste in the mouth. You should have third molars removed as fast as possible to avoid additional problems in your mouth that can lead to needing more dental procedures.

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After dental extraction in Naperville, you will need to stay at home for a few days to recover while you eat soft foods such as mashed potatoes or applesauce. It is important to drink a lot of water, but you should not use a straw that can create a dry socket from the tooth extraction procedure.

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