Eyelash Services Performed at Eyelash Extensions Salons in Oahu

Countless women head to salons to have their makeup applied and their hair done up nicely. While these may be among the more popular list of services offered, along with having acrylic nails applied, they are not the only options. Eyelash Extensions Salons in Oahu offer several eyelash services that women can benefit from.

Lash Tinting

Many women have extremely light eyelashes that are difficult to see. In order to make them stand out and appear darker, a lash tinting is needed. Alternatively, there are those who have incredibly dark eyelashes that no longer match their dyed hair color. To make them lighter, so they match, a tint can be applied that makes them seem like a lighter brown, rather than black.

Lash Curling

Some have curlers at home that they can use to curl their lashes and give them a unique look. For those that don’t, they can have a salon stylist curl their lashes for them. This is typically done because it makes the eyes appear larger and more open, thus giving each woman the appearance of being awake and ready for the day.

Lash Extensions

Not many women have long lashes. Most eyelashes are thin and short, so they do not stand out very well. In order to extend their lashes and make them appear longer, lash extensions can be applied.

Lash Lotion

The special lotion is available for eyelashes. This lash lotion is typically applied after the lashes have been curled or otherwise styled. It helps keep the effect in place. Another type of lash lotion is used after a treatment has been completed. It helps to nourish the lashes and keep them in good condition, so they do not become weak or begin to fall out prematurely.

Eyelash Extensions Salons in Oahu offer a variety of services aside from typical haircuts and nail applications. Whether women need their eyelashes extended, curled, tinted, or lathered with lotion to get the desired effect to stay in place, a certified salon will have everything on hand to get the job done. Women looking for eyelash attention can read the full info here.

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