Fabrics for Inflatable Boat Tubes

Synthetic Rubber Coatings (Neoprene Hypalon Coatings)

Hypalon includes a synthetic rubber material that is patented by DuPont. Hypalon possesses multiple applications in several sectors and it has shown itself as a material that has outstanding air holding abilities, as well as oil resistance. Hypalon that is coated onto nylon fabric or polyester with an inside coating of neoprene is a very durable and reliable inflatable boating fabric and may last for over 10 years even within the harshest of environments – which includes the reason for warranties of 5 and ten years.

Hypalon Construction

The seams inside Hypalon boats either are butted or overlapped then glued. Butted seams generate a flat, aesthetic, airtight seam, without the air gaps or ridge left by a few overlapped seams. But, butted seams will be more labor intensive, thereby the boats usually are costlier. It’s always smart to search for an inflatable boat that has seams which are double taped, and are glued on either side. Within stress tests, neoprene and Hypalon glued seams are so reliable and strong that the fabric fails before its seams.

Plastic Coatings (uPVC)

uPVC includes a vinyl polymer that is chemically referred to as polyvinyl chloride. It’ll have many applications within the construction and leisure fields. Within the inflatable boat sector it’s utilized as a coating on nylon or polyester to boost the tear and strength resistance. Because it’s a kind of plastic, it may be glued or thermobonded. This permits a manufacturer to mass produce the boats on a larger scale with unskilled labor and machines. uPVC-coated fabrics are available in a bigger variety of shades than Hypalon.

uPVC Construction

The seams of a uPVC coated inflatable may be fused together with different welding methods. Some makers either use radio frequencies (RF), high heat pressure, or electronic welding. Specially developed, large welding machines have to be utilized to fuse the fabric with each other.

Are your Tubes Hypalon or uPVC?

If you want to fix the tubes using patches or replace any valves on the inflatable or rigid hull inflatable boat it is important that you know which fabric the inflatable sponsons are designed of as it is highly important to utilize the proper adhesive for the material.

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