Facts About Used Cars For Sale In Philadelphia

Many people choose to purchase used cars for sale in Philadelphia because the cost is lower and a good one will last for years. This is an excellent option for those in need of transportation on a tight budget. However, before you hit the sales lots, there are a few facts you should know about used cars for sale.

Automatic Cars Are in Demand

Manual cars are outnumbered by automatics ten to one. The demand for manual cars is rapidly declining. It is obvious that most buyers prefer an automatic. In fact, many drivers today admit that they do not even know how to operate a manual.

More Used Cars Than New Ones on The Market

The used car market is much larger than the new car market. While there are more advertisements for new cars, 75% of the cars actually sold are used. This is a fact that many people find surprising.

V6 is the Favored Engine

When people purchase used cars for sale in Philadelphia, they are more likely to choose the ones with the V6 engine. These cars have just the right amount of speed and impressive gas mileage.

Consider A Decade-Old Car

Many people are under the assumption that used cars for sale that are a decade old are not worth buying. However, if the car is from a trusted brand and both the interior and exterior have been well maintained, it could provide you with a dependable ride for many more years. Just be sure to take it for a test drive to identify any possible issues before making your purchase.

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