Fascial Stretch Therapy Provides Numerous Benefits – Oakville, Ontario

by | Feb 9, 2024 | Health

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Before delving into fascial stretch therapy, let’s first define the fascia itself. Also called connective tissue, the force driving movement in the muscles travels through the fascia. Fluid mobility requires the connective tissue to be organized properly. Simply put, healthy fascia equals easy, pain-free movement.

Fascial stretch therapy involves working highly-trained practitioner who stimulates your fascia with stretching and manipulation. It works on the connective tissue as a whole, as opposed to focusing on a single muscle. Devotees sing the praises of fascial stretch therapy Oakville because of its effectiveness, but also the feelings of relaxation and rejuvenation after the session.

Therapists utilize a device that looks similar to a massage table and each session lasts approximately 45 minutes. A single session produces results– though book multiple sessions for maximum benefit.

Benefits of fascial stretch therapy Oakville include:

– Improves muscle pliability

Not to be confused with flexibility, pliability refers to the quality of fascial bundles inside the muscle– which is something that cannot be improved by regular stretching.

– No pain during stretching

Vigorous stretching can be painful, whereas fascial stretch therapy involves a gentle touch– think pressure, not pain.

– Shortens recovery time

Fascial stretch therapy increases blood flow to muscles, thus speeding up recovery time after intense workouts.

– Enhances performance

Balancing out uneven muscles enables peak performance.

– Assists with injury rehabilitation

Breaking up the scar tissue and increasing the range of motion promotes healing.

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