FCPA Training to Reduce Risk

Any business doing business globally should have a solid FCPA training program in place. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act are some of the strictest corruption and anti-bribery laws in the world. As a matter of fact, they are considered the international standard of law against corruption. No one wants to breech these laws, training can help to reduce the risk of a breech.

The Environment
Both the SEC and the Department of Justice have made statements in recent years that should send up the red flag to any company that is doing business internationally. With threats of “holding executives personally responsible for violations” and focus on FCPA laws “stronger than they ever have been”. It is not an environment that you want to test.

FCPA Training
The fact is that what you need to know about the FCPA laws is not covered extensively in school! New recruits, or older employees that have been around since before the newer tougher laws emerged can benefit from this type of training. Reducing risk is a key to improving success. Study after study has shown that better training correlates with lower risk.  Additionally, the right focused training that is easily delivered can:
*Reduce liability of officers of the corporation
*Improve positive behaviors among employees
*Provide guidance for compliance

Reducing Liability
The Department of Justice does not seem to be making any bones about it, they will prosecute high ranking officers of corporate entities, if violations exist. Reducing the risk of liability for the officers starts with ensuring everyone in the enterprise has fair access to the training.

Improving Behaviors
Many times, employees unknowingly violate FCPA laws because they “assume” what they are doing is just the way business is done. Getting them trained up with ensure that there is no confusion about expectations and will improve positive behavior. Don’t risk your business reputation! Consult with Interactive Services.

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