Fight Back With a Ft Lauderdale FL Criminal Defense Lawyer

Facing criminal charges can be terrifying, but there is always hope for a favorable outcome in the Ft Lauderdale FL courtroom. If you are dealing with a criminal charge, a Ft Lauderdale FL criminal defense lawyer can be your ultimate weapon to fight back and insure your rights are honored throughout the legal proceedings. American law states that every citizen is innocent until proven guilty. A defense lawyer protects your rights and works to protect you and lead the charge in fighting back against criminal charges.

When you hire a Ft Lauderdale FL criminal defense lawyer, you are ultimately selecting your advocate. Your attorney will represent your best interest in every step of the legal process, from the moment your case begins to the moment a verdict is released. The defense lawyer is responsible for negotiating bail. At the first opportunity, your attorney will attempt to have you freed without any bail, but if bail is required the attorney will petition the court to reduce it. Some criminal attorneys will even assist clients in posting bail, depending on the severity of charges and the individual situation.

The criminal defense attorney is also responsible for explaining the legal process to you. The most important thing you should know is that you have options! You do not have to plea “guilty” to a crime you didn’t commit. Your Ft Lauderdale FL criminal defense lawyer will present you with the best options for your situation. The attorney should explain the difference between “guilty” and “no contest” please. They can also work with the prosecutor and Ft Lauderdale FL authorities to negotiate a plea bargain if appropriate.

Most importantly, a good Ft Lauderdale FL criminal defense lawyer willingly pursues a “not guilty” verdict without hesitation. Choose an attorney that has a proven record in winning cases without simply negotiating pleas. Your best-case scenario will always be dismissal of charges or a “not guilty” verdict so your attorney should be focused on those two options as the primary goal.

If your charges are serious and you are facing time in jail, the Ft Lauderdale FL criminal defense lawyer can ask the court to give you an alternative sentence. Instead of spending years behind bars, you could end up with probation, community service, or some time in counseling or rehab. These are all highly favorable alternatives to spending weeks, months, or years in prison. Your attorney will know the right strategy to make sure you stay out of jail.

It is crucial that you choose a Ft Lauderdale FL criminal defense lawyer that will provide aggressive representation. You need a lawyer that is cut throat and focused on winning every case. When you choose a lawyer that has years of experience in Ft Lauderdale FL criminal cases, you can rest knowing that you have the best chance of escaping any charges or legal ramifications.

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