Finding a Home

by | Oct 1, 2012 | Real Estate

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It can be both exciting and intimidating to look into buying real estate for the first time. Even seasoned home owners who are familiar with how buying real estate works can be intimidating when looking into the market. If someone is buying a new home, there are some basic steps they need to take.
First of all, someone looking into buying real estate needs to come up with a realistic amount of money that she can spend. She should educate herself about her rights as a homeowner and look into finding a loan that will cover her needs. Very few people can afford real estate entirely out of pocket, so finding a loan and avoiding the trap of predatory lending is an important first step of this process.

Next, she should build a wish list. This can include all sorts of things about the location of the home, the features of the area around it and parts of the home itself. Let’s say that a buyer wants a home in Austin with four bathrooms, air conditioning, and a location within good school district. From this point on her real estate search should be oriented around meeting the points of this wish list. Wish lists can be brief or extensive but ought to cover the basic needs of the individual or family looking for real estate.

She may start her search by looking at homes in Austin. Austin is a large area, so she may want to narrow her search down to a specific place, such as Mueller. Having settled for an area that meets her criteria of being located in Austin and falling within a good school jurisdiction, she can now narrow her search further to only include homes with her desired features.

She may find that she falls in love with a home in Mueller, Austin, but that it only has three bathrooms instead of the four that she originally wanted. At this point she may need to asses her wish list and decide whether it is worth making a compromise or not. If she decides she wants the home she can make an offer. If she decides that she needs the four bathrooms, she can continue looking at homes until she finds one that completely suits her needs.

Buying Mueller real estate should be, first and foremost, about finding a home that suits the needs of the family. Having a realistic price range and necessary amenities in mind can help the buyer feel satisfied with the purchase and avoid trouble later down the line.

Mueller Real Estate – Are you considering purchasing real estate in Austin? You may want to look into the Mueller development, but not all houses are listed on the MLS. If you are interested in learning more about houses on the Mueller Silent Market you should contact Hilary Herrin for details. She can be found at or contacted at 512-913-8642.