Finding Answers and Offering Hope Through Brain Tissue Donation

Losing a child to brain cancer is a tragedy that no family should ever have to bear. Unfortunately, it has become the leading cause of death in children stricken by cancer. Researchers are looking for answers, trying to learn more about this disease. One of the most valuable sources of information comes from brain tissue donation. When families choose to donate tissue after the passing of their child, they may give the gift of life to another family one day. Scientists and medical professionals don’t know why 1 in 5 children suffering from brain cancer are losing their fight. But they will continue to study this disease and seek viable treatments until a cure is discovered.

Researchers Are Looking for Breakthroughs in Treatment Every Day

In the past, leukemia was the leading cause of death for children with cancer. Thanks to strides in research, the majority of cases have a cure rate of 90%. Scientists turn to the study and research from brain tissue donations in hopes that they will have a better understanding of the disease. By comparing healthy tissue and the tissue from children who have succumbed to brain cancer, they can find valuable leads on a cure.

Helping Families Find a Light in Their Time of Loss

Gift From a Child is here to help families who are coping with the loss of a child to brain cancer. Brain tissue donation provides families with a way that they can make something good come out of their grief. It offers parents an opportunity to feel empowered. They may not have been able to save their child, but their child’s tissue donation could lead to a story of hope for another child.

Visit our organization, Gift From a Child, online to learn more about the organization and the process of tissue donation. It’s as simple as giving written consent. Medical professionals will take care of the donation process with the utmost care and respect.

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