Finding Soy Candles

When you are looking for high quality soy candles you may not think to look online because you may think that you can’t tell the quality of a candle unless you can touch and smell it. However, if you know what language to look for when browsing internet sites, then you can find the perfect candle for you on the first try and without having to look all over town. Some of the things that you should look for in the description of a candle is soy wax to additive content, burn time, fragrance throw, and the aesthetics such as the scent and look of a candle.

When soy candles are pure soy wax they have a melting point that is low enough to require that the candle be placed in a container. This has many benefits such as lower burning point, bigger wax pool for scent to evaporate from, longer burning candle, and less wax left over after the wick is gone. Most of these are average qualities and may not reflect your candles; however, soy wax has been found to be better for the environment and most of the time the containers that the candles come in are either recyclable or reusable.

The burn time of a candle has to do with many factors such as the melting temperature of the wax, the initial burn time of the candle, and whether or not the candle is a container candle. Generally speaking the lower temperature of the wax in a candle, the easier it is for the wick to draw the wax up to burn and the less wick is burned each time you light the candle. Soy candles have a low melting temperature and will generally burn with less heat and do well on candle warmers.

The fragrance throw and the aesthetics of a candle really go hand in hand, if you want the fragrance of your candle to permeate the room or multiple rooms then you will need to look for a candle with a good throw. If you have a candle with a fragrance that you love and want thrown a great distance then you will want to make sure that the candle can have a nice wax pool for the fragrance to evaporate from. The taller and skinnier your candle is the less of a surface area of melted wax it is likely to have. You can find container candles in containers ranging from simple to ornate and can find all different kinds of shapes and sizes, and if you look for candles online then you will usually find a better selection than if you just shop locally.

Soy candles can be found either locally or online and if you want to find the best selection for the least amount of work you can find it online from Top Shelf Candles.

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