Finding The Best Breast Augmentation Surgeon In Chicago

While the surgical techniques and technology available have increased the success rate and safety of cosmetic procedures, it is still important that you focus on the surgeon’s skill and expertise in the operating room. The best breast augmentation in Chicago must be done by someone who is qualified and knows what to do. Finding someone isn’t tough, but can seem that way for many women.

Board Certification

When you choose a surgeon who is board certified, it means that they have professional credentials. They have gone through the proper residency training for plastic surgery, but they have gone a step further. Consider surgeons who are board certified by the ABPS (American Board of Plastic Surgery) because it assures you that they have the experience and skill to handle your situation. These professionals have at least three and sometimes five years of medical training, as well as two years that focus primarily on plastic surgery. They use the highest standards and best practices, as well as the newest and safest techniques.


The best breast augmentation in Chicago is customized to fit your particular needs. Whether you want a slightly increased bust size or want to ensure that both breasts are similar in size, the surgeon you choose will discuss your options with you. They can give recommendations and will listen to what you want and explain how that will change or life. They’ve also got the skills to explain more about your anatomical situation and which implants may be right for you.

Art And Science

The science part of the procedure include the implants, the fillings, and the placement on your body while the art of the procedure focus on making the changes look natural and more aesthetically appealing.

The best breast augmentation in Chicago comes from the best cosmetic surgeon. Visit The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery now to learn more or schedule a consultation.

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